New Year, New Life?

2017 has arrived and, looking back it looks like things ended in a low key with frustrations piling up. Let me clarify things: after my frustration, I continued studying, but my increasingly busy social life prevented me from blogging about it.

I have thought long and hard about some kind of plan as to how to follow this new life course. Hopefully, you’ll be able to journey along with me through these new changes.

I had wanted to keep posts in this blog above the 700-word mark (and preferably above the 1k mark). That goal is unachievable. Hence, I have decided to start over, with shorter, more frequent posts.

Originally, I didn’t want to write too much about myself either, but I’ve decided to be a bit more subjective and open up a bit about my personal life here. That means that you’ll be hearing about my travels and my life experiences along with all the geeky stuff that I find appealing.

This post is just an introduction to the new format the blog will be following. Next up is a small post about one of my new interests: Linux.