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One Push Per Day

It will be two years ago since I started dabbling in programming.

Here’s the next step: I am hoping to start doing more with my Github and I want to build a portfolio, so starting today I am going to do at least one push commit to Github. Wish me luck!

So here’s the plan: First, I’m going to recreate the Django Girls tutorial, so I have it fresh in my mind when I go as a coach in 14 days. Then, I’m going to be doing some other project-based Python and Django tutorials. I’ll also be following some other non-project base python tutorials on the side (to refresh my memory when it comes to the theory).

If I can get things right, I’ll probably be streaming the whole thing, just for fun and giggles, but feel free to drop by and say hi. I’ll be posting the streaming times in a future post.

So, what do you think of the plan?

Enjoy the weekend,